My name is Justin Cox, and I am the owner and operator of MoldPlus Testing. I started my career in air quality as the owner of a mold remediation and water damage mitigation company. In that role, I received my water damage certification (IICRC WRT) and mold certification through the National Organization of Remediators and Mold Inspectors (NORMI). I became NADCA certified (National Air Duct Cleaners Associated) for air duct cleaning. Finally, I am RRP certified (Lead Renovation, Repair, and Painting) and trained in Asbestos awareness. 

For 5 years, I helped people remove mold from their homes & businesses and clean their air duct systems. Whether water intrusion from outside to pipes bursting inside, my purpose was to solve and mitigate moisture problems where customers lived and worked. During those 5 years, I went on many inspections and was amazed at the astronomical proposals being written for routine mold and water removal. Sometimes these proposals were written when no professional work was even required. 

On one occasion, a customer called me for a second opinion about remediation for a 1ft2 section of mold on a basement ceiling. I informed the customer that the issue was less then 10ft2 of mold and I did not think any hidden damage was present. Previous experience led me to believe that a small leak had occurred. The customer seemed a bit reluctant to believe me. She eventually admitted she was deathly afraid of the mold since another company had written her a $10,000 proposal to mitigate the mold. After reassuring her, I took the fear out of the situation and convinced her to hire a third-party tester (now retired) that I often recommended. As I suspected, the test came back with passing numbers. As it turns out, a copper pipe had a tiny hole in it. All she needed was a plumber to fix the pipe. The first thing the plumber did was cut out the moldy area to get to the pipe, thereby effectively performing her mold remediation. The plumber worked carefully to ensure the mold was not spread to other areas or worse than we expected, based on information I gave her during my inspection. In the end, she saved thousands of dollars and her situation was mitigated without spending $10,000.

That is not to say there are not projects that need professional remediation. During my time in the air quality industry, first as a remediator and then as an inspector, I have seen firsthand how mold can affect someone’s health. While not everyone has major health problems resulting from mold exposure, to some, it can be a life changing experience. People with allergies are more sensitive to molds and can experience many of the more common allergy symptoms like stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes or skin. Those with asthma may have more intense reactions from mold exposure and those with immune suppression or underlying lung disease are the most susceptible to fungal infections. As the owner of mitigation company, I always used third party testers to verify whether my work was done correctly. Unfortunately, I noticed that many of my competitors did not use methodology. I am a firm believer in third party testing because conflicts of interest can arise when the people doing the work are the same as the ones doing the testing. As an independent testing company, I have no vested interest in whether an appointment passes or fails a mold inspection or test. My sole purpose is to give every customer peace of mind at the beginning and end of a project.
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