Third Party Testing

Water Loss:

Up to 40% of people have water damage at some time in their home. With water damage, mold growth can occur. Mold can start growing within 48 hours of a water loss occurrence. Occasionally, when an area is dried out correctly, mold damage can start to occur if it was not found quickly enough. MoldPlus Testing is available to perform inspection and testing to ensure that the property has been dried out properly and no mold growth has occurred. We can perform mold testing before or during your water loss mitigation and help ensure any mold growth is remediated as part of the insurance claim. We can work with the water damage company to write a protocol (i.e., scope and plan) to remove the mold correctly and safely.

Pre-Remediation Testing:

From musty smells to old & hidden water damage stains, MoldPlus Testing is here to give you peace of mind. As a third-party tester, and not a remediation company, we provide independent and conflict of interest free services to all our customers. Our sole purpose is to provide the client with accurate and reliable consult and data related to potential mold growth in their home or business.

We work with integrity and take pride in our honesty. When I owned my own remediation company, there were many occasions when I was providing a second opinion. Too often, I was met at the customer’s door with a costly proposal for a small, if existent, problem. If mold growth occupies less than 10ft2 or there is no risk of hidden damage, it can be solved by the customer at minimal cost – no third-party remediation is required. Keeping this in mind, it was more important to me to provide the customer with the necessary tools to make an informed decision about their home or business than it was to make a sale.

If you have concerns about the quality of the air you are breathing, we come perform an inspection and testing to determine the levels of any indoor molds. If elevated levels mold growth or water damage is found, MoldPlus Testing will work with you &/or your contracted remediation company to write up a detailed protocol (i.e., scope and plan) to remove the mold from your home or business.

Post Remediation Testing:

Once a mold remediation project has been completed, MoldPlus Testing can perform verification testing and inspection to ensure that the mold was removed from the area properly and without spreading it to other uncontaminated spaces. Occasionally, despite contracting a licensed mold removal company that performs exceptional work, hidden or deeply rooted mold can continue to be an issue. As a third-party tester, we work with the Removal Company and client to ensure that the residence or commercial building is back to normal.

Post Remediation Clearance Test:

After a passing post remediation test, customers receive a written Clearance Report that includes laboratory results on remediated spore counts. This report can be kept by clients for future reference, which is especially important during purchases and sales of homes.

As a Seller, homeowners have an obligation to disclose any past water damage &/or mold remediation performed. With a passing Clearance Test verifying that all microbial growth was removed and brought back to normal fungal ecology Condition 1 levels, disclosure is as painless as possible. As a Buyer, an available Clearance Report provides confidence that the home being purchased is safe.

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